BIOshot2015-16A Note From the Creator, Batrice “Tru” Adams

Someone once told me that my heart beats in Supersets. My passion for health and fitness developed during a tough time in my life when I needed movement to actually keep my heart beating. Fitness literally saved me. In finding a love for training within myself, I also found the desire to encourage others to generate, harness and exert power within themselves. Fitness came to me when I needed it most and I will spend the rest of my life paying it forward. I make people sweat. I make people healthy. I make people happy. There’s no greater joy for me than that!

Back in 2009, I came to the point in my career where I was ready to create a fitness program. I looked back on what inspired me in fitness. The problem was that everything inspired me! I love and actively participate in so many different exercise formats and decided to incorporate as many as I could into a comprehensive and effective workout. What sets B.R.Y.C.K.E.D Up Fitness apart from other programs is the fundamentally unique combination of such a wide array of format styles and the innovative approach within each style.

I am excited at the opportunity to share my program. It is my hope that this program serves as a new foundation and provides you with a fresh blueprint to redesign your fitness and encourage others to do the same!

B.R.Y.C.K.E.D Up Fitness. Build You.


About the Batrice Tru Adams

Batrice Tru Adams has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Speed and Agility Instructor, Performance Nutritionist and Fitness Chef holding her credentials with AFAA, NESTA, ATI and AAAI. Batrice possesses certifications in Indoor Cycle, TRX® and Kickboxing as well as being a Master Trainer for Fierce FUNk® and a Train Dirty Fitness VIP Trainer.