Bryck Builders Street Team

B.R.Y.C.K.E.D Up Fitness is looking for dedicated, motivated men and women to join the Official BHF Street Team: The Brick Builders!!! Assist BHF in promoting the brand and inviting all you meet to experience the Exercise Eclectic! As a fully engaged Bryck Builder, you will receive AWESOME perks including:

• Free Bryck Builders Street Team tee
• 10% discount on all B.R.Y.C.K.E.D Up Fitness Gear
• Free BUF swag (i.e. water bottles, bags, etc.)
• 50% off all BUF hosted fitness events
• Chances to win SPECIAL prizes only available to Bryck Builder members
• VIP access to exclusive BUF content

Rules and Regulations:

• You MUST “Like” B.R.Y.C.K.E.D Up FB Fanpage
• You MUST assist in page promotion by actively liking and sharing page content.
• You MUST actively participate in ALL online campaigns.
• You MUST actively “talk up” BUF whenever the opportunity presents itself; including but not limited to: generating public interest, assisting in BUF event arrangement and Bryck Builders Street Team recruitment.
• You MUST make effort to attend any BHF event as your schedule permits and actively assist as “Hype Men” when in attendance.

These responsibilities will remain intact and only be adjusted if the scope of the B.R.Y.C.K.E.D Up Fitness business/brand warrants. Thank you all for your support!


CONTACT if you would like to join the Team!

On Facebook? Request membership here: