“This BRYCKED Up class is awesome, it makes you push yourself and every class is a challenge. The great thing about this class is you can modify your moves if you have issues with your body, and can still get a great work out in, so if you want a sweaty intense class come out and give it a try, you will be energized and happy with the results in just a few weeks. Also, the group in these classes are awesome, they stay motivated and help each other out, and are fun to be around, so come out and give Brycked up your best shot, you won’t be disappointed!” Ricardo S.

“You may be tired when you start a BRYCKED UP class but you will be energized when you are done! It is definitely a challenge amongst challenges!! It makes you want to see if you can complete the class! I Def see a difference in my endurance and strength and my body feels and looks more toned!! This class is well worth trying and if you continue to do the class the the results will definitely make you smile!!” Darlene L.

“BRYCKED Up is challenging workout that can be fun and well worth the effort. Never thought I would be able to finish a full class, but after a few months and sticking with it I now can. This will be a class that you will enjoy and like the end results.” Shelly M.

“BRYCKED Up is an amazing workout that challenges you to go beyond what you think you can do. It’s fun and keeps you moving. At first I didn’t think I could make it through the class, but I did. My strength and endurance has improved and I definitely see results.” Sharon C.

“BRYCKED Up is insane in a good way. It keeps your body guessing what you are going to do next. It’s fun, intense, and schwetty. You think you’re never gonna make through but are can! You will start to see changes in your body, tone, definition and increased strength. Go for it! You’ll be glad you did.” Laurie A.

“I LOVE BRYCKED Up. It is the most challenging, sweaty, fun workout if you want to push to the next level of fitness. I have never in my life been able to do a “real” push-up … Not the girlie ones haha…and because of this class I can do it!! Go for it, people!! You won’t regret it!” Carol S.

“B.R.Y.C.K.E.D. UP training was awesome!!! I’m feeling it today!!! You did a great job!!!”- Justine V.

” I took your class at ECA [Fort Lauderdale] and you are awesome! Not sure just anyone could do what you do, but your energy and enthusiasm are through the roof! You make people feel like they can dance even when they’ve got no rhythm! Keep up the good work!”- Naomi G.

“Just wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful and “close to feeling of death” training and I’m not bs’ing because I know everyone feels the same way, that your training certification class was one of THE best ones and trust me, I’ve been through a lot. It’s because it was real, you are truly “Tru” and down to earth and real. Thanks again but damn!!! That WAS HARD!!! Lol!” -Vee F.

“I didn’t die !!!! Yay!!! Instead I was reincarnated with Brycks?! Hehe thanks Tru Adams you are amazing beyond words just to be in your presence today … Ahhhh so refreshing !!  time to crush it #bryckedup”-Sharice S.

“Was so amazing thank you Can’t wait to teach this program!  It was an awesome class. I am sore but so worth it!”-Dara P.

“HONORED.. To be in the first litter! I wouldn’t want it any other way with my first cert of the year than with my trainer and very good friend!”-Brooke B.

“Awesome job Tru Adams. You NEVER fail to disappoint those of us who THRIVE on your sick workouts. I am IN LOVE!”-Linda V.